About Fanny A. Ramirez

I am a PhD Candidate in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University with a research emphasis in Communication and Technology.

My main research area focuses on the uses and affordances of information communication technologies (ICTs) for different branches of the criminal justice system and how these practices affect disadvantaged populations.

My dissertation, ‘Mediated communication as digital evidence: The role of information communication technologies in criminal case processing,’ examines the lifecycle of digital evidence in criminal defense work, from the initial data extraction performed by analysts to the eventual presentation of the evidence in court.

Other projects on the role of ICTs in the criminal justice system include:

  • A collaboration with Jeffrey Lane on the use of social media evidence by prosecutors in the specific context of youth gang cases.
  • A new research project on the use of social media by law enforcement as it relates to police-community relations and police transparency efforts.

In addition to my work on the role of communication in the criminal justice system, I conduct research on online communities and videogames. My research in this area has examined how players of massively multiplayer online games use a wide range of ICTs to build social relations. I show that out-of-game engagement through voice over internet protocols and instant messaging is the impetus for long-lasting friendships that extend beyond the game itself. Other projects on videogames include a chapter on the role of affect and social value in mobile games in an edited collection by Bloomsbury Academic and a chapter on how horror videogames adapt familiar material from literature, television, and film through the rebranding of known characters for a new medium in the edited volume The 100 Greatest Videogame Franchises.

Contact Information

Fanny A. Ramirez
Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information
4 Huntington Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071