Book chapters


[Forthcoming February 2018]. Ramirez, F. Backchannel communication and friendship in EVE Online. In Lakkaraju, K., Sukthankar, G., & Wigand, R. T., (Eds). Social interaction in virtual worlds: An interdisciplinary perspective. Cambridge University Press.

Ramirez, F., & Cruz, J. (2017). American McGee’s Alice: From children’s literature to mature-rated videogame. In Mejia, R., Banks, J., & Adams, A. (Eds.), The 100 Greatest video games. New York, NY: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Invited journal articles

Ramirez, F. (2015). Playing for the plot: Blindness, agency, and the appeal of narrative organization in Heavy Rain. Well Played, 4 (1), 51-70. Free download available here.

Manuscripts under review

Ramirez, F. (under review). Challenges and pitfalls of police transparency: Usage and perceived value  of a public archive of police body camera videos.

Manuscripts in progress

Lane, J., Ramirez, F., & Pearce, K. (data collected & analyzed). Guilty by visible association: Socially mediated visibility and power in gang prosecutions

Lane, J., & Ramirez, F. (data collected, manuscript in progress). Gang surveillance in the digital era.